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If you’re looking for a new carpet, it’s likely that you’re considering the typical materials such as nylon and polyester, or perhaps a wool blend if you’re looking at a more luxury option. There is, however, a relatively unknown material type that is making waves in the interior design world; natural flooring.

Natural flooring, as the name suggests is made from natural materials, such as plant fibres and pure wool. The absence of fossil fuels in their manufacture and the renewable nature of their production makes them an eco-friendly option. As well as their manufacture being eco-friendly they can also provide relief for people who suffer from dust allergies as their composition makes them less prone to releasing dust.


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Fitting Natural Flooring

When it comes to installing natural flooring, you’ll need to choose a fitter with ample experience fitting natural flooring. The natural element of the flooring can make it tricky to fit, as it is prone to swelling and shrinking depending on the environment and changes in the season. For that reason, special fitting techniques may be required, which can include applying an adhesive to the carpet or using double-sided tape to keep the flooring in place.

Our team know what to look for and have experience fitting natural flooring and are ideally suited to undertake the fitting of your new carpet. Speak to the team in-store to find out more about our fitting options or call us on 01664 500 911.

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