5 Tips to Ensure Your Carpet Lasts Longer

Article by Julie Cox

Carpets are an incredibly popular option for homeowners, chosen for the comfort they provide and their homely look. However, it’s not always as easy to maintain as having wooden or laminate floors, especially when it comes to keeping them clean. These are 5 tips on cleaning your carpet to ensure they have a longer life

Natural staircase carpet

Take Your Shoes Off 

This may be a pretty obvious point, but it’s a crucial one. Even when you don’t realise it, your shoes are dragging dirt in, bit by bit and by the time you realise it, it could be too late and the stains won’t come out.

As well as causing dirt on your carpets shoes can also wear them down, the tread on shoes is quite hard which is why it’s better to opt for something softer like slippers, socks or bare feet.

Add Carpet Protection 

For areas in your home that get a lot of footfall, such as the hallways, it might be a good idea to get a rug. Although a rug will need regular maintenance it is much easier to clean as it can be lifted.

Chair and table mats are also another way to protect your carpet, these are put on the legs of furniture to stop the denting of your carpet as much.

carpet on staircase

Baking Soda

A useful tip for when you are hoovering your carpet is to use baking soda. A few minutes before you hoover, make sure to sprinkle baking soda all over the floor, this will ensure that your carpets not only look fresh but also smell fresh too.

Regularly Hoover and Do it Well

In order to keep your carpets lasting a long time, you need to hoover them a lot! Before you start you need to make sure that the hoover is empty or no more than half full, this will allow it to pick up the maximum amount of dirt. To see the best results you need to be hoovering your carpets around three times a week at a minimum. While you are doing it, it is important to go slow, as when you brush over an area too fast,. it doesn’t give the vacuum the chance to pick everything up.


Rotate Furniture 

If possible. it’s always good to give your room a switch around every 6 months, this will help you to access areas that have been building up dirt as well as making sure the furniture doesn’t permanently dent the carpet even with the mats on. 

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